Stuck In The Middle With Me

I am a middle-aged woman, born and raised in the Midwest. A middle child, middle income and, until recently, in middle management for a major corporation.

After some re-evaluation of my middling life, I decided to change the one thing that would be the easiest – I left corporate life to pursue, well, myself.

I now spend my days writing, reading, exploring creative passions and decompressing after many years of hard work, trauma and settling. I realized that “good enough” was just not good enough any longer.

One thing about my life that sets me apart from most people is that I have a condition called Trigeminal Neuralgia.  Far from being ranked in the middle of the list of diseases you don’t want to get, TN is considered to be the most painful medical diagnosis known to man.  It is a chronic and progressive pain condition affecting 5th Trigeminal Nerve – the primary nerve system of the face.  So, if you remember that old joke, “Hey, does your face hurt?”  Well, yeah, mine’s killing me.


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  1. I’m with you. Keep fighting the fight. Take care.

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