Attempting The A to Z Challenge

I am someone who lacks personal discipline.  I drive too fast, eat too much red meat, smoke and have a hard time being a self-starter, unless, that is, I am accountable to someone.  I successfully worked in corporate America for over 25 years due in great part to the fact that it was a structured environment.  I had people to whom I reported, those who reported to me, deadlines and goals.  Now that I am unfettered to any expectations from anyone but myself, I have found I am a bit of a non-starter – or maybe a self-slacker.  The fact that I haven’t written a blog post in a year is a pretty good illustration of that fact.

That’s why I’ve signed up for the Blogging From A to Z Challenge for the month of April, 2015.  Each day during the month, writers from all over the world will be blogging based on the alphabet.  Each day’s post must be themed or titled around the corresponding letter, i.e. April 1st = “A”, and so on.  I’m hoping it jump starts the discipline that must lie somewhere withing= me to write every day – not just in April, but beyond.

Eh…we’ll see how it goes.

A theme isn’t entirely necessary, but for me, they sort of imply structure and I’m trying to get my unstructured ass in gear.  So I will be writing about personal stuff, especially about living with Chronic Pain.  Sounds like a fun read, huh?  I’ll try and make it funny, or at least as entertaining as I can.

I’m writing this on March 31, so tomorrow, I start.  Wish me luck!  Hope you come back for all the “I live with chronic pain” goodness that will spew from my page daily.


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